We tried five new foods at Camden Yards. Here's what we thought.

Just as the Orioles pulled out a W on Opening Day, Camden Yards scored a win with its new food offerings.

A sellout crowd for the home opener got a first taste of the ballpark’s new food vendors — a list that includes Baltimore stalwarts like Attman’s Deli and Essex-based Pizza John’s, Mount Vernon’s Pinch Dumplings, New York-based Lobster Hut and Ocean City staple Boardwalk Fries. Orange-and-black-clad fans waited in lines as long as 30 minutes, but the new eateries did not disappoint.

We sampled some of the offerings at five new stalls — from lobster rolls to pizza slices — and made some recommendations.

Pizza John’s

It seemed the line never died on Opening Day at Pizza John’s, where servers handed out individual slices of cheese and pepperoni pizzas ($6-$6.50). They were worth the wait.

The flour-dusted crust was thin but sturdy enough to hold the mound of stringy cheese piled on top. Fresh from the oven, the slices were gooey — bring plenty of napkins if you plan on eating them in your seat. A thin layer of sauce added a sweet and subtle spiciness, and the small, bowl-shaped pepperonis were perfectly crisp.

Find Pizza John’s on the lower concourse, club level and upper concourse.

Attman’s Deli

Attman’s is perhaps the most venerable new vendor at Camden Yards, serving a limited selection of sandwiches from its longtime Lombard Street deli.

We tried the popular “cloak and dagger” sandwich ($15) with turkey, served on squishy rye with a thick stack of meat complemented by a thin layer of coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing. The sandwich was hearty and filling, and the crunchy cabbage and tangy dressing added a nice snap to each bite.

The stall also serves corned beef, turkey or pastrami sandwiches ($12), kosher hot dogs wrapped in bologna ($6.50), coddies ($4) and cookies ($4).

Attman’s is located behind home plate on the stadium’s lower concourse.

Boardwalk Fries

Camden Yards stepped up its fry game with the addition of Ocean City classic Boardwalk Fries.

They’re served three ways at the ballpark: plain, with sriracha or smothered in cheese ($6-$7).

While satisfying and crispy, the cheese fries — served in a paper boat — were messy and would have been difficult to eat in the stands. The sauce was bland; we’d stick with the traditional version next time. The plain fries are served in a cup, just like they are on the Boardwalk.

The stalls also offer a platter of chicken tenders and fries ($10).

Boardwalk Fries has multiple stands throughout the lower and upper concourses.

Pinch Dumplings

The Chinese dumplings served at Oriole Park are just as fresh and supple as the ones at Mount Vernon Marketplace.

Pinch Dumplings offers three varieties at Camden Yards — carrot and cabbage (a vegan option), pork and cabbage, or beef and onion ($10 for six). Customers can mix and match, or opt for six of one flavor.

The steamed pockets were warm and tender, and packed with flavorful fillings spiced with ginger, cilantro and chives.

In addition to dumplings, Pinch serves sides such as sweet and spicy cabbage, green beans, and daikon radishes ($3 each), as well as bubble tea ($6) with flavors including mango, lychee, pomegranate and passion fruit.

Although dumplings from Pinch were available last year at Camden Yards through Tako Asian Bistro, this year marks the first time the vendor has a dedicated stand. Pinch is located on the lower concourse behind home plate.

Lobster Hut

New York-based Lobster Hut brings a taste of New England to Baltimore baseball. The stand’s traditional lobster rolls ($15) are served cold on spongy rolls packed with fresh, salty chunks of lobster meat sparsely dressed with mayonnaise. They make for a refreshing alternative to Camden Yards’ heavier entrees.

The stall also offers a “lobster tomato bloom” ($15), with lobster meat served over tomato slices.

Lobster Hut’s stand is housed on the lower concourse behind home plate.




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