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Milk & Honey Market coming to Station North and Pigtown

New locations of Milk & Honey Market will be coming to Station North and Pigtown — the former this fall months, and the latter next spring.

The coffee shop and cafe, previously located in the Mount Vernon space now occupied by Cafe Fili, will open in Station North’s Nelson Kohl apartments, a project of development company SAA/EVI, according to managing member Ernst Valery. Valery, who co-owns the space with his wife, Milk & Honey Market operating partner Dana Valery, said the cafe is now under construction and expected to open within the next couple of months.

The couple will also open a new location of the coffee shop in Pigtown, which will be housed in 1,700-square-foot retail space in SAA/EVI’s Bath House Square development. The market is slated to open next spring at 906 Washington Blvd. and will serve up coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies, sandwiches, paninis, salads and breakfast pastries.

Valery said he and his wife are now looking for another potential location in East Baltimore.

“Our growth strategy is 100 percent Baltimore City and highlighting all of the great neighborhoods and corners of Baltimore,” Valery said.


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