It's not a sandwich, it's a Yandawich: The Ryleigh's sandwich inspired by Raven Marshal Yanda

The Baltimore Sun

It's not a sandwich, it's a Yandawich. 

Inspired by and named for Ravens offensive guard Marshal Yanda, the Yandawich is a take on the sandwich Yanda looks forward to on his trips back home to Iowa. That's what the folks say at Ryleigh's Oyster, who came up with the Yandawich in honor of the 315-pound, fifth-year lineman out of Cedar Rapids.

The Iowa original is a pork tenderloin and pickle sandwich. The version that Ryleigh's in Federal Hill came up with subs in a corn-and-poached oyster salad for the Iowa pickle, a nice Maryland touch.  And the Yandawich's stout mustard was inspired by Yanda's drink of choice, says Ryleigh's owner Bryan McComas.  

The Yandawich debuts this Saturday at Ryleigh's.

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