Woman's Industrial Kitchen has closed

The Woman's Industrial Kitchen, the most recent incarnation of the beloved restaurant on North Charles Street, has closed its doors.

A Baltimore comfort-food staple for more than 130 years before its closing in 2002, the restaurant -- formerly known as the Woman's Industrial Exchange -- served as a counterpart to the exchange's arts space. The restaurant was given new life in late 2011 when Irene Smith, owner of the Souper Freak soup truck, restored and reopened the establishment.

Paula Hensley, the operations coordinator for the Woman's Industrial Exchange, said the restaurant closed about two months ago when its lease ended. According to the Exchange website, the closing was due to "personal circumstances." Smith was not immediately available for comment.

Hensley said the Exchange is in the process of deciding how it will repurpose the space, and it currently has no set plans.

"We're just throwing ideas around," she said. "We don't know what's happening yet."

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