Tersiguel's of Ellicott City marks 40th anniversary

Tersiguel's a quarante ans.

On Saturday, the Tersiguel family will be celebrating 40 years of serving area diners the classic French cuisine of their native Brittany with a sold-out event they’re calling Tersiguel’s: 40 Years in the Making.

Odette and Fernand Tersiguel opened their first Ellicott City restaurant, Chez Fernand, at 8141 Main Street in Ellicott City, on Bastille Day in 1975.

That restaurant was destroyed, along with five other historic buildings, in a November 1984 fire. The following April, the family opened a new restaurant, Chez Fernand, in the old Milk Mak Candy Factory, a four-story building next to the Shot Tower in Baltimore’s Jonestown neighborhood.

The family returned to Ellicott City in 1990 with a third restaurant, which they named Tersiguel’s. The city could not have been happier. "The level of excitement generated by the return of Chef Fernand Tersiguel to Ellicott City can only be likened to the circus coming to town — before the days of television, VCRs and MTV," the Baltimore Sun reported.

"It’s been an overwhelming response," said Tersiguel’s executive chef, Michel Tersiguel, Odette and Fernand’s son, who was 11 years old when the first restaurant opened. "Our guests are our family. It’s our livelihood and our blood."


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