Philly Mignon, a new food truck, debuts on Monday

The Baltimore Sun

A new food truck named Philly Mignon Steak Frites is debuting in Baltimore on Monday. Look for the "Green Machine," at least on Monday on the corner of Commerce and Pratt streets.

The truck's specialty, according to co-owner Wayne Abrams, is cheese steak, both Philadelphia and Baltimore-style. The steak is rib eye and the rolls are from Amoroso's in Philadelphia. That's a good thing.

As for the fries, they're what Abrams calls Papas Fritas - fresh cut potatoes fried with onions and jalapenos, dusted with seasonings. Abrams introduced and developed Papas Fritas at the Harford Mall.

You can follow Philly Mignon's whereabouts on Twitter @phillymignonnet.

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