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Ivy Hotel to begin opening its high tea service to the public

The Ivy Hotel will soon be opening its high tea to the public.

The ultra-exclusive Ivy Hotel in Mount Vernon will soon begin giving the public a window into its guest experience as it begins serving high tea to those outside the boutique.

Beginning April 1, the Ivy will begin inviting guests to join the hotel for afternoon tea. The $50 experience will be offered Thursdays through Sundays, and reservations will be required.

Afternoon tea is served daily at the Ivy as one of the amenities included for guests. Dinner and spa treatments are the only services for which the hotel charges extra; high tea, breakfast and limo service are among the amenities included in the price of the room.

Between the hotel's nine rooms and nine suites, rates range from $475 to $1,475 per night. 

The Ivy, one of the city's highest-priced hotels, is located at 205 E. Biddle St. in Mount Vernon.

With the exception of its restaurant, Magdalena, the hotel has been off-limits to those without a reservation since it opened in June 2015. The exclusivity has added to the intrigue of the property, which is designed to feel like a friend's private mansion, owners say.  

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