Get real: How to be a part of Cafe Hon's "Kitchen Nightmares" episode

The Baltimore Sun

Diners wanted. The producers of "Kitchen Nightmares" are taking reservations for diners who want to be a part of the reality show's filming at Cafe Hon in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood.

If you'd like to dine at Cafe Hon during the filming, which is scheduled for Nov. 4-7, contact the production team by email at Include your name, party size and a phone number the producers can reach you. The restaurant will not be taking reservations for these days; only the producers are.

The producers don't explicitly say so, but there is no guarantee that everyone who wants to be part of this filming will be included, much less part of the edited telecast. Neither, it's fair to assume, should one reasonably expect to have contact with the show's host, Gordon Ramsay during the taping. Diners who want to participate in the filming should expect to pay their own way.

Other than that, it's anybody's guess as to whether the producers want to include diners with neutral, positive or negative opinions about Cafe Hon. So you may as well them the truth.

Welcome to show business.

Cafe Hon, and its owner Denise Whiting, have been the subject of heated conversation since last year, when the public learned that Whiting had trademarked the Balto-centric term "Hon." 


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