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Elephant restaurant owners take over Sascha's Catering

The Elephant is adding Sascha's Catering to its offerings.

The Elephant is adding a longtime Mount Vernon catering company to its culinary repertoire.

Mallory Staley, general manager of the Elephant and a partner in the restaurant, bought Sascha's Catering last week with plans to incorporate the business into the Elephant's offerings.

Sascha Wolhandler, who operated the catering company with her husband Steve Suser, sold the business as she is looking toward retirement.

Staley bought the business, and Elephant co-owners Steven and Linda Rivelis will also be partners in the catering arm.

"Everything just melted together — it was like it was just meant to be," Staley said.

The off-premise catering will allow the Elephant to expand its business to provide catering in homes and at special events, such as weddings and corporate events. 

"It’s going to enhance it in a way that’s just taking off to the next level," Staley said. "With our big kitchen we’re able to accommodate both of those things."

Staley said she plans to keep the Sascha's name to start, but it will ultimately be branded under the Elephant.

"We’re thrilled about it," Wolhandler said.

Sascha's 527 Cafe will remain under Wolhandler's ownership.

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