Chef leaves restaurant, as told in five Tweets

The Baltimore Sun

It looks like Brian Bruso has left Gitan Bistro Cru. You can follow the drama on Bruso's Twitter account, which is connected to his former restaruant, Birches.

1) Please acccept our sincerest apologies for your favorite Gitan Menu items slowly disappearing. :(
1:11 AM - 22 Mar 12

2) Ownership / Management @Gitan has reduced our ability to provide the level of food & excellence you would expect from us personally.
1:12 AM - 22 Mar 12

3) Feel free to lodge any complaints or concerns with Gitan's GM Jessica Nadeau!
1:22 AM - 22 Mar 12

4) Also, she seems to believe that Birches' peeps are not frequenting Gitan as regularly as you are! Make yourself known :)!
1:22 AM - 22 Mar 12

5) Due to circumstances, beyond our control, we are no longer manning the kitchen @Gitan.
5:56 PM - 24 Mar 12


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