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Camden Yards chef preps for 200,000 guests, or none

The Baltimore Sun

So, the endless post-season scenarios have put your plans up in the air?

Think about Josh Distenfeld, executive chef at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Distenfeld has to make ordering, prepping and staffing decisions for what could turn out to be anywhere from zero to four games in the next five days.

On Wednesday afternoon, here's what Distenfeld knew -- exactly what everybody else knew.

"We're just like everybody else," said Distenfeld, who oversees all of the food operations at Camden Yards. "We're preparing for a full-on Yankees game (on Thursday). If that doesn't happen, we'll be ready for a wild-card game on Friday. And if that doesn't happen, we'll be ready for the ALDS on Sunday."

"We can't do anything else but plan to make it happen."

So, if 48,000 fans show up at Camden Yards, they'll have plenty to eat and plenty of staff to serve them.

"It's going to be out of control," Distenfeld said. "We're all just going to hold on for the ride."

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