Artifact Coffee, from the Woodberry Kitchen team, opens

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Artifact Coffee opens, officially on Monday. The new seven-day a week casual stop-in for breakfast, lunch and early dinner is from Amy and Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen. Located across the Light Rail tracks from Woodberry, in the restored Union Mills complex, Artifact Coffee was up and running this weekend for a "soft opening."

Artifact Coffee is more than coffee. A Morning Kitchen menu features egg sandwiches, fruit cups and steel-cut oatmeal with candied pecans, dried fruit and cream and pullman toast, grilled corn bread, toasted English muffin or a split biscuit with Five Seeds honey and homemade jam

The Day Kitchen menu, available all day -- has soups, salads and sandwiches like a bacon, Tennessee green tomato, lettuce on pullman toast or peanut butter and jam on pullman bread, a loaf made for sandwiches and toasting that the French call pan de mie.

Dinner options will change daily and will be single plate suppers, including housemade pastas, braised meats and stews.

The setting, as you'd expect from the Woodberry team, is a dream. From the press release announcing the opening:

The Gjerdes relied on builder Luke Steckel to source and employ all the reclaimed wood for the project, including the chestnut bar tops mounted to the stone walls with hinges fashioned from old silo doors. Steckel worked in conjunction with Mark Melonas, an artist and designer proficient in contemporary furniture making and finishing techniques, who is responsible for the gorgeous cast concrete countertops found in the open coffee and food kitchens.

Fred Steuver, the Gjerdes’ longtime friend, helped decorate the interior space with reclaimed artifacts, including a 50-ton railroad jack and several old machine brackets used as support structures, and the tank depth measure found on the market display where Artifact Coffee’s housemade goods are sold. Greg Magliacane, lead bartender at Woodberry Kitchen, made the centerpiece, eight-seat farm table out of reclaimed oak. All of the American-made salvaged light fixtures were sourced through Housewerks.

Orders are taken at the counter. Customers are given, instead of number, a folksy token to take to either their table or a counter. The place was filled on Saturday with well-wishers, many of them babies.

Artifact Coffee is open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m-9 p.m.; Sun, 9 a.m-6 p.m. No reservations are being taken.


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