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Pictures: Baltimore's 50 best restaurants 2010

>>See the 100 best Baltimore-area restaurants 2011 I made last-minute adjustments to the ranking of this list as I was writing up the captions for this photo gallery. My gut guided me. I'd consult my memories, the online menus, and the reviews I wrote about them (or Elizabeth Large wrote). When I found myself thinking, "I want to go there now," that told me something. When I didn't get that feeling, it told me I had ranked a restaurant too highly. Nothing on the list slid obviously into position. This juggling was a barrel of monkeys compared to the decision of which restaurants to include on the list. I stand by what I've come up with. If you disagree, share your thoughts in the comments field below or go to Dining@Large to join the conversation. Here are Baltimore's 50 best restaurants. Enjoy and make your reservations soon!--Richard Gorelick, Dining@Large. Also see: • 50 best restaurants: Venue infoBaltimore's 50 best barsRichard Gorelick's favorite restaurants Prefer the text version? Here you go.
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