Tina Fey on 2016 presidential candidates: 'I hate them all'

The Washington Post

Tina Fey is famous for skewering former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin with a brutally spot-on "Saturday Night Live" impersonation.

But the writer/actress doesn't have a dog in this election. In fact, of the 2016 slate of presidential candidates, Fey is blunt: "I hate them all," she said in an interview in Town & Country magazine.

Asked whether the current crop doesn't at least offer comedic fodder, the funnywoman did not seem amused.

"It's funny until it isn't," she says. "It's gotten kind of ugly."

More astute political observation from the woman the mag calls a "longtime Independent": "In hindsight (the 2008 presidential election) seems genteel in comparison."

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