Spotify backtracks on anti-hate policy following criticism

Spotify is backpedaling on its recently announced anti-hate policy after some music industry players criticized it.

The company said in blog post that when it announced the policy on May 10 it "created confusion and concern" and that Spotify "didn't spend enough time getting input from our own team." Last month Spotify said it would remove from its playlists music from R. Kelly, who has been accused of sexual abuse, and XXXTentacion, who's been accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend.

Some praised the company's decision, but others criticized it, saying it targeted specific artists.

Spotify said Friday it is "moving away from implementing a policy around artist conduct."

Spotify didn't officially say it would begin promoting XXXTentacion and R. Kelly's music. XXXTentacion, however, is now back on Spotify's Rap Caviar playlist.


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