John Goodman guessing he's a 'mopey' widower in 'Roseanne' spinoff

John Goodman is speculating that this fall's "Roseanne" spinoff will mean curtains for the matriarch played by Roseanne Barr.

In an interview with the Sunday Times of London, Goodman said he wasn't sure how the new series, titled "The Conners," will be structured.

But he guessed that his character will be "mopey and sad" because his wife has died.

Goodman played husband Dan Conner to Barr's character on ABC's original "Roseanne" and last season's revival.

The network fired Barr after she posted a racist tweet, which she apologized for but has said was misinterpreted.

Goodman said he's certain Barr isn't a racist.

"The Conners" spinoff was announced by ABC after Barr agreed to relinquish any participation in it.

A representative for Goodman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


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