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'Saturday Night Live' seems ready to address the Pete Davidson-Ariana Grande split

Washington Post

When "Saturday Night Live" returned in September for its 44th season, there were a lot of jokes about cast member Pete Davidson's engagement to pop singer Ariana Grande. Now, it appears we're in for a lot of jokes about their recent breakup.

Davidson makes a self-deprecating appearance in a promo for the show's Nov. 3 episode, which will be hosted by Jonah Hill and feature musical guest Maggie Rogers. "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete," the comedian says. "You want to get married?" (She does not.)

"0 for 3!" says Davidson, who previously dated fellow comedian Cazzie David - and covered up a tattoo of her face following their split earlier this year.

"SNL" has been on hiatus since Seth Meyers hosted on Oct. 13. Less than 24 hours later, TMZ reported that Grande and Davidson, who had dated for mere weeks before getting engaged, had called of their wedding.

Previous "SNL" episodes had devoted significant airtime to widespread curiosity about the couple, nicknamed "Grandson," who had made headlines for their whirlwind romance, bevy of matching tattoos and public displays of affection.

In the season premiere, which was slated to feature Grande as the musical guest before she dropped out, Davidson talked about their engagement during the "Weekend Update" segment. The closely-watched relationship also got not-so-subtle shoutouts in host Adam Driver's monologue and a sketch that found Kyle Mooney trying to emulate his "SNL"" castmate, right down to the "hot celebrity girlfriend."

While "SNL" has been off the air, Davidson has used other forums to vaguely address the breakup. "Anybody looking for a roommate?" he joked last month while co-headlining a political fundraiser with Judd Apatow. He also made reference to "covering a bunch of tattoos."

Grande hasn't directly addressed the split, but it doesn't look like she found the "SNL" promo joke funny. The singer took to Twitter Thursday night with this scolding message, which was noted by People but appears to have since been deleted: "for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh." Grande also retweeted a fan who wrote "tag yourself I'm Maggie."

Originally appeared in the Washington Post

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