'Transparent' to end, 'Arrested Development' to debut and more from Jeffrey Tambor

"Arrested Development" will returning to Netflix for its fifth season on May 29, the streamer announced Monday.

It has been a strangely busy news day for Jeffrey Tambor-related projects, with both "Arrested Development" and "Transparent" releasing information about their fates.

Netflix announced Monday that "Arrested" would return to the streaming site on May 29 for its fifth season. A new trailer that appeared to feature more footage from previous seasons than material from the season to come accompanied the release date.


However, the Bluth gang is all together again, which is all that matters. (Sorry, Season 4.)

That Bluth family reunion includes Tambor, who plays patriarch George Bluth Sr. The embattled actor was fired from Amazon's critically acclaimed "Transparent" after sexual harassment accusations surfaced in November of last year.

In an extensive interview with Tambor published Monday, the Hollywood Reporter delved into the allegations against him by people associated with "Transparent" and also spoke to some of the people involved in the bigger picture, including show creator Jill Soloway.

The producer and writer confirmed that the series' upcoming fifth season would be its last and would not feature Tambor.

Though denying that anything sexually inappropriate took place while filming "Transparent," Tambor did admit to temperamental behavior that drove one producer to tears.

"I drove myself and my castmates crazy," Tambor told THR. "Lines got blurred. I was difficult. I was mean. I yelled at Jill — she told me recently she was afraid of me. I yelled at the wonderful [executive producer] Bridget Bedard in front of everybody. I made her cry. And I apologized and everything, but still, I yelled at her. The assistant directors. I was rude to my assistant. I was moody. Sometimes I didn't talk at all."

Tambor's behavior on the set of the Amazon series did not exist in isolation. His agent, Leslie Siebert, admitted, "He's guilty of being an [ass] at times, and being, you know, temperamental and moody."

"And he feels awful about it and apologizes, and he's working on himself," she continued.

The actor admitted that his volatile behavior extended to "Arrested Development" and included a spat with Jessica Walter, who plays his fictional wife, Lucille Bluth.

"Jessica does not wish to talk about Jeffrey Tambor," a representative for Walter told THR.



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