Like/dislike: Nona Narcisse

Nona Narcisse will be performing at the Ottobar and Dr. Sketchy's in October.

By day she is Lily Hindrew, but by night she is burlesque seductress Nona Narcisse. The 26-year-old from Santa Fe, N.M., is one of the producers of Slow Burn Burlesque, a professional dance and variety show based in New Orleans. Once a fashion student, Hindrew now makes most of her own smoldering costumes and helps create the props and sets for Slow Burn. Next month you can see her as the featured model at one of Dr. Sketchy's live drawing sessions, or catch her performing with Gilded Lily Burlesque at the Ottobar. Here she give us the scoop on some of life's necessities: pizza, friends and lots and lots of sequins.

What's on your iPod? The Pixies, RJD2, Ella Fitzgerald, The Living Legends, Cab Calloway, Immortal Technique, Sean Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Portishead, Zombie Ghost Train… I love music.


Last concert/gig you went to? I was in Ascona, Switzerland, earlier this summer performing in a historical jazz burlesque show at the annual jazz festival they have there every year. The jam sessions at night after the festival were killer!

Last great meal you had? I had some delicious pizza at Al Pacino Pizza in Mt. Washington last night … seriously up there on my all-time list.


Favorite store? I just recently went to the fabric store Mood in NYC. Holy sequins. Anything a costume junkie like me could jones for.

Favorite and most-loathed fashion statements? My favorites are statements that are timeless, like if you were to take a photo of the person, you may be confused about what era the photo was taken in. Least favorite might have to go to saggy jeans below the ass … although it is quite funny to watch dudes waddle around like penguins when they're in a hurry. That just can't be comfortable.

Your worst habit? Assumption.

Favorite way to relax? I love to run. My knees feel like they are about two decades older than the rest of me, but it clears and refreshes my mind.

Source of inspiration? I am so blessed to know such amazing friends ... they help me become a more capable, responsible, creative human being.

Craziest outfit you own? I own a lot of crazy outfits! The craziest are inaproppriate for most settings … I have a lemonade-stand costume that actually makes the lemonade.

Favorite Quote/saying? "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."–Groucho Marx


If you go:

What: Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School: Baltimore

When: 7 p.m. Oct. 24

Where: 12 W. North Ave.,Station North

Tickets: $8

More Info: thewindupspace.com

What: Soiree Debauche Tour: Something Wicked This Way Comes

When: 9 p.m. Oct. 13

Where: 2549 N. Howard St.,Charles Village

Tickets: $15

More Info: theottobar.com

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