Raise your glass: Espresso Martini, Metropolitan

The Espresso Martini at Metropolitan.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that a coffeehouse and wine bar like Metropolitan would somehow incorporate their fresh-brewed coffee products into at least one of its prepared drinks.

Metro has gone right ahead and made it the centerpiece of their house specialty drink: The Espresso Martini.


While obviously not for martini purist, the Espresso Martini, chilled and poured into a martini glass, features a healthy dose of vanilla vodka, a splash of Kahlua for its silky texture and creamy flavor, and a double shot of fresh-brewed espresso, straight from the machine.

"Fresh espresso really makes the difference. It's not overly sweet like with espresso-flavored vodka," said bartender Pete Cook.


Metro's dimly lit atmosphere and local art-adorned walls may seem more conducive to sipping a Merlot or a Duvel Green in the evening as opposed to anything with coffee in it. But in the bright sunshine during brunch over the weekend at one of Metro's outdoor tables, the Espresso MMartini makes for an interesting alternative to the Bloody Mary or Mimosa. An alcoholic eye opener with a sophisticated twist, coupled with a plate of French toast and eggs makes for a pretty solid Sunday brunch.

Unfortunately Metro's Espresso Martini isn't available in a to-go cup like the rest of their coffee, but wouldn't you rather enjoy the inherent sophistication of drinking something out of a martini glass? Everything looks sophisticated when it's in a martini glass. That's just science.

How to make the Espresso Martini

Double shot of fresh espresso (not espresso-flavored vodka)

Full pour of vanilla-flavored vodka

Dash of Kahlua

Combine ingredients and shake over ice; pour into chilled martini glass.

Where to get the Espresso Martini


Metropolitan Coffee House and Wine Bar

902 S. Charles St., Federal Hill


$8 for martini, $5 for a shot