Raise your glass, Pritchard's Peach Mango, Howard's

With many bars around town featuring vast stretches -- libraries, it would seem -- of flavored vodkas like whipped cream birthday cake flavor this, cinnamon whiskey that, less sophisticated boozes are dominating the scenery.

Therefore it's good to note every so often that a bar, no matter the size, can create excellent cocktails if the selection of liquor is of a higher caliber. Howard's of Mount Vernon fits the bill.


Having opened a small bar about a year and a half ago amidst a huge amount of space and an outdoor patio, Howard's might seem ill equipped to sling some delicious drinks without a dedicated mixologist on staff or a bevvy of random artisanal ingredients. But as owner Darren Palitti puts it, "Our craft liquors make the difference. The best drinks don't need much in addition."

One such craft liquor at the top of the delicious list: Pritchard's Peach Mango Rum. Produced in Tennessee in traditional pot stills, its small batch nature brings out an incredibly smooth flavor with a lot of body — and not sickeningly sweet like so many major batch flavored liquors. The drink is completed by adding soda water, a little bit of 7 Up and some lemon. And that's all it needs. It's subtly fruity, a little sweet and very refreshing.


So while your thing may be the $14 cocktail with rooftop herbs and house-made infusions, sometimes the best drink comes in its simplest form from the best bottle possible. And at $6.50, Howard's drink selection of craft liquors won't sting your wallet either.

How to make Pritchard's Peach Mango

4 oz. Pritchard's Peach Mango Rum

2 oz. soda water

7 Up to taste

Mix Pritchard's Rum and soda water over ice, add 7 Up to desired sweetness. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Where to get Pritchard's Peach Mango

Howard's of Mount Vernon


900 Cathedral St.