Steve Dombroskie has always been devoted to animals — alive and extinct.

"I wanted to be a zookeeper since I was about 4 years old," the 26-year-old Mount Washington resident said. "My back-up plan was to work at Jurassic Park, but that kind of feel through."


Instead of taming velociraptors, Dombroskie landed a gig at the Maryland Zoo, where his official title is Maryland Wilderness and Project Golden Frog keeper. His favorite animal to work with is the North American river otter — he's the primary trainer.

"Sometimes it's hard to set up enrichment for them because they're so smart and good at figuring things out," Dombroskie said. Dombroskie took a break from making ice treats for the otters to talk to b about skinny jeans, eating great food at the ballpark and more.

Worst pet peeve? People who chew with their mouths open and then try to carry on a conversation while doing so.

Your worst habit? I am probably the least organized person in Baltimore.

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Guys wearing skinny jeans. Period. Please go buy new pants.

What's on your iPod? Everything from Disturbed and J. Roddy to Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5.

Last video that made you laugh? I love me some "Tosh.0," so just about anything they put on that is fair game. You can't go wrong with the "Funny soccer player gets hit in face by ball" video on YouTube though.

Favorite animal? African Painted Dog, hands down. The segment of them hunting in "Planet Earth" got me hooked and I've been collecting every book I can find on them since.

Favorite book you recently read? I just finished "The First Law" series by Joe Abercrombie and all three books were awesome. If you like a good "Game of Thrones"-y type story than check it out.

Last great meal you had? The best chicken strips and fries ever at Gino's in Oriole Park. The food was great, the atmosphere was better, and though the meal was simple, it hit the spot.

Favorite place to get a drink? Ottobar. Two-for-Tuesdays are a thing of pure joy and it seems like all of their bartenders are good people.

Best advice you ever got? Don't give up. It sounds generic and I'm sure everyone has heard it a hundred times in their lives but it holds true.

Favorite quote/saying? Edward Hoffman said, "Nature introduces children to the idea…they are not alone in the world." And I believe it was "Rowdy" Roddy Piper who once eloquently said, "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I'm all out of bubblegum." ("They Live")

Favorite thing about Baltimore? Whatever life throws at this city we all deal with it together.