Ervin with a Ravens friend.
Ervin with a Ravens friend. (Megann Ervin, Baltimore Sun)

Meghann Ervin, 32, teacher, Reisterstown

Your favorite all-time Ravens moment? For me, not even the Super Bowl victories can beat the overtime playoff win in Denver. I can't watch the Jacoby Jones catch to this day without tearing up!


The biggest way you've displayed your Ravens fandom? When my husband proposed last spring (with an engagement ring complete with purple amethyst stones) when knew we wanted a Ravens-and-Orioles-themed wedding. In April we started planning and went back and forth about a date. We knew we wanted a January wedding but feared that a Ravens playoff off game might fall on our Saturday date. I couldn't miss a Ravens game, not even for my own wedding! Then it hit us — AFC Championship weekend would be our best way to ensure that all of our festivities finished up with an amazing Sunday victory. We planned everything about our wedding and honeymoon around the timing of the Ravens run to the Super Bowl long before the season even began. We were that confident in our championship chances, and despite some naysayers who doubted us months before, we had the last laugh and it ended up being the most wonderful time of our lives!

Your favorite place to see a Ravens game (besides M&T Bank Stadium)? I'm very superstitious, so I spend most games sitting in my lucky chair, in my lucky outfit, with the same crowd at my parent's basement decorated Ravens bar. We call ourselves the Russell Tavern gang and it's the best group of Ravens fans you'll ever meet!

What does it mean to you to be a Ravens fan? It means being a part of something that represents people that I love, a city and state that I love, and a mindset of never giving up and always playing for the man next to you. I'm so proud to bleed purple!

If you could invite three Ravens to dinner, who would they be? If I had to go with current Ravens- Joe Flacco, Torrey Smith, and Jacoby Jones. If I could include past players I'd have to throw Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden into the mix.

Your favorite Ravens player of all time? #52. They'll never be another like Ray for me.

How did you celebrate the Super Bowl win? First, I burst into tears! Then there were hugs and celebration shots all around! Then more crying. After all the ups and downs, years of waiting, and dreams of victory, I couldn't handle all of the emotions!

If you could be one Raven for a day, who would it be? Ray Rice. He does so much in the community and reaches out to so many fans and organizations. I love the way he uses his success to help others.

Fill in the blank. I am a Ravens fan because _____  I'm a Baltimore girl and this is the only way to be! Nothing in this world looks better than orange and purple!

Your prediction for Sunday's game? Ravens win 28-10. After the loss to the Broncos, the guys are going to re-group and come out with a hunger. I wouldn't want to be a Browns player next Sunday.


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