Drink up. The Ravens are playing. Just follow our rules.
Drink up. The Ravens are playing. Just follow our rules. (Matt Roth / Patuxent Publishing)

Yeah, we know. The game isn't in Baltimore. And whether you've moved on and are just excited for the season to kick off or you're still in a deep state of depression, there's only one thing to do: drink.

So, why not make it fun? Follow these rules and you'll be among the most boozed Baltimoreans in the city by halftime.


Take a drink if

• Joe Flacco's new contract (six-year, $126 million) is mentioned.

• Someone says something about the fact that "Ray Lewis is no longer on the Ravens." Or something similar.

• Peyton Manning calls an audible at the line of scrimmage.

• The names Ed Reed, Paul Kruger or Anquan Boldin are mentioned.

• Cris Collinsworth makes a smug comment.

• You can't locate Torrey Smith on the field now that he has cut his dreadlocks.

Take a shot if

• There's a replay of Jacoby Jones' touchdown catch from last year's divisional playoff game.

• Someone makes a lame Jacoby Jones, "Dancing With the Stars" joke.

• Pictures are shown of the defaced Flacco posters in Denver.

• Peyton Manning is referred to as a "field general" or a "surgeon."

• You can't hear anyone in Denver shout out "O" when the national anthem is played.

• Ex-Bronco linebacker Elvis Dumervil is booed by the Denver fans


Finish your drink if

• The blackout in New Orleans is mentioned.

• Tim Tebow is brought up.

• They give an update on the Orioles/White Sox score.

• Someone mentions the thin Denver air playing a role in the game.

• Last year's Super Bowl is referred to as the "Harbowl."