Great Baltimore cocktails, The Creamy Dream at Home Slyce

Oh-so dreamy.
Oh-so dreamy. (Evan Siple, Baltimore Sun)

Oh, RumChata. For the longest time I wondered what proper application you'd find in this boozy world that could somehow extend your purpose beyond just a pour n' serve shot or an addition to coffee for Sunday Funday.

Well fortunately for all of us, thanks to Home Slyce, RumChata has become a team player and participated in a collaborative effort to form a sweetened drink so sumptuous that it may rival the boozy milkshakes found at some of Baltimore's high-end burger restaurants — Abbey Burger, you're on notice. Bartender Ricardo Vargas preludes his most recent creation by noting, "When RumChata was totally in vogue I wanted to try and do something different with it other than just shots." Which he has done in spades. Behold, the Creamy Dream.


The Creamy Dream, while weak in appearance, is deceptively mighty as there isn't a single nonalcoholic ingredient. With RumChata, amaretto, Van Gogh Double Espresso and Dark Chocolate vodka with Bacardi Coco Rum on top, it makes a perfect dessert cocktail. It's like drinking a mudslide on steroids in the best way possible.

Chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, every flavor piled in together — and a sugar rimmed glass. This thing is horrifically delicious. You could drink this with brunch, breakfast, after dinner, happy hour. It's time-irrelevant delicious. Deadly delicious. Did I mention delicious?


The only thing I could think of that could improve this drink is if it were made available in a blended form. If slushies are as in vogue as they seem to be — as RumChata used to be, according to Ricardo — a blended Creamy Dream would sell like wildfire. Get on it, Home Slyce.

How to make the Creamy Dream

2 oz. RumChata

1/2 oz. amaretto (or less)

1/2 oz. Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka

1/2 oz. Van Gogh Dark Chocolate Vodka

1/2 oz. Bacardi Coco Rum

Sugar rim

Combine all ingredients over ice, shake vigorously. Strain into chilled glass over ice.

Where to get the Creamy Dream

Home Slyce

336 N. Charles St., Downtown




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