Crown royal: Fallston's Brittinay Nicolette.
Crown royal: Fallston's Brittinay Nicolette. (Amy Jones Photography)

Brittinay Nicolette wouldn't have been where she is today if it weren't for Gracie Hart, Sandra Bullock's character in the 2000 comedy, "Miss Congeniality." Nicolette, who admittedly went through an awkward stage as a child, connected with Gracie's ugly-duckling situation and was inspired by the character's, "girl power frame of mind."

Now the 21-year-old Fallston resident, and current Miss Maryland Collegiate America, will represent the state at the Miss Collegiate America pageant, held today through Sunday at Walt Disney World.


Nicolette, a student at Lynchburg College, talked to us about the Backstreet Boys, the use of the word "epic" and those stick figure family stickers.

Worst pet peeve? The misuse and overuse of the word "epic." Words have meaning and purpose. If they are misused their meaning is eventually lost. If overused, they are weakened.

What song/songs are you loving/hating right now? I absolutely love Michael Buble's newest album "To Be Loved." It is like Christmas all year long.

Last concert/gig you went to? Ha ha! It was the Backstreet Boys! I have loved them since I was little and have seen them live several times. If they come to Maryland again I would probably get tickets.

Your worst habit? I am a mess! My father says he knows when I am home from school because I leave a little trail of my things (he calls it "debris") anywhere I go in the house.

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Those little family stickers on the back of vans and SUVs. I don't know why, but to see a mom, dad, five kids, and a dog sticker on the back of a vehicle bothers me to no end!

Last movie you liked/disliked? I recently saw "Warm Bodies." It was ... interesting?

How long does it take you to get ready on pageant day? Oh goodness, a very long time. I really enjoy doing hair and makeup so I generally take my time. If I really need to, I can get it done in about an hour and a half.

TV show(s) you can't get enough of? "Game of Thrones," because it always leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Favorite and most loathed fashion statement? I am a scarf girl. I love all lengths, colors, fabrics, I can never have enough. I do not have a "most loathed" fashion statement. Fashion is a way everyone can express themselves. As long as the clothes are clean and fit properly, I say go for it!

Last great meal you had? I recently had a burrito that was practically the size of a football ... and I ate the whole thing! It was delicious. I will be sure to have another one after the pageant.

Favorite pageant moment? The day I won the title of Miss Maryland Collegiate America. Six years of hard work I finally accomplished what I set out to do.

Best advice you ever got? Beauty fades, but who you are as a person lasts forever.

Favorite talent to showcase in a pageant? I have only competed as a vocalist, but dancers are by far my favorite to watch.


Favorite thing about Baltimore? I love the Inner Harbor.