Ready to plunder.
Ready to plunder. (Scott Bradley/Baltimore Sun)

Canton's Plug Ugly's Publick House is named after an obscure band of ruffians used to control election day polling by politicians. They had a brief existence in the 1850s and are rumored to have kidnapped Edgar Allan Poe for political machinations leading to his untimely demise.

An interesting namesake, to be sure. Given that, obviously they should have a pirate-themed rum infusion, right? Of course.


The name is Pirate Juice, a secret blend of seven different rums (and no, my palate isn't sophisticated enough to discern which ones) steeped in a 12-fruit blend. Or so I'm told. Upon visual inspection I could pick out at least six in their large decanter — and there was a lot of fruit in there, to be sure. Once the rum blend is nice and fruited, it's served topped with acai berry puree, a fresh berry mix (blue, rasp, black and straw) and splashes of orange juice and Sprite. Are you thirsty yet?

You should be. Pirate Juice is great. Bartender Corey Valentine is spot on with his pitch concerning the drink: "Cool, refreshing, never too sweet, it's the perfect cocktail anytime." And that pretty much sums it up nicely. You'd think a cocktail with so much fruit involved would be overpoweringly sweet, but Pirate Juice is just plain nice and mellow, with pops and whizzes of tartness from raspberry and a few other of the twelve fruits involved. It's pretty perfect for these hot summer days.

Valentine was also sure to note regarding Pirate Juice, "When we serve one we say ARRRRRRRGH!!!!" Like a pirate. See what they did there? Next time you frequent Plug Ugly's, make absolutely sure they honor this Piratey oath. Their reputation is at stake, people.

How to make Pirate Juice

Seven rum blend, pick any seven of your favorites

Fruit medley, 12-fruit blend, must include blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry

Acai berry puree

Orange juice


Infuse rum blend for three weeks in glass container until desired fruitiness is achieved. Pour over ice with fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and a slice of strawberry. Top off with acai berry puree, orange juice and Sprite.

Where to get Pirate Juice

Plug Ugly's Publick House

2908 O'Donnell St., Canton



$8; $5 Monday through Friday 4-7 p.m.