The Pink Flamingo.
The Pink Flamingo. (Evan Siple)

Oh, the swelter we know oh-so-unfondly as summer in Baltimore. 105 heat index? Check. Freak rainstorms? Double check. Comically oversized, fruity, refreshing cocktails? Thankfully, that's a triple check.

Hampden's own Hon Bar has you covered with its cocktail list, all of which are available in standard or "party" sizes, with the Pink Flamingo (have you seen Cafe Hon's exterior?) being our drink of choice in Size Enormous.


The Pink Flamingo, as assembled by bartender Lisa Davis, is unabashedly fruity — consisting of Bacardi Black Razz, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and a dash or three of lemon and lime juice. It's exactly as you'd expect in the flavor department: sweet, tangy, heavy on the cranberry flavor — and equally heavy on the kitschy garnishes. Adorned with tiny plastic tropical birds, parasol toppers and fruit on cocktail swords, this is one cocktail built to please and entertain. It's reminiscent of a New Orleans-based Pat O'Brien's Hurricane, but with 100 percent more pink flamingos. In short, a party in a glass — or in our case, in an oversized margarita glass.

"This drink is all about nothing but fun," Davis said (while pointing to the flamingo-adorned straws), adding that during festivals such as Honfest it's, "something easy to drink on the street!" Well that may be the case, if only those pesky open-container laws we've got going here in Baltimore were nonexistent. If our fair city were more like New Orleans, the Pink Flamingo would be wreaking a very pleasurable havoc on the streets of Hampden.

Be that as it may, you can still enjoy the maximum party size and refreshment of the Pink Flamingo within the air-conditioned confines of Hon Bar — for the time being.

How to make the Pink Flamingo

3 oz. Bacardi Black Razz

1 oz. DeKuyper triple sec

5 oz. cranberry juice

Splash lemon juice

Splash lime juice

(Soda if preferred)

Where to get the Pink Flamingo

Hon Bar at Cafe Hon

1002 W. 36th St., Hampden



$7.99; $19.99 party size (shown)