Raise Your Glass: Hampden Hurricane, The Food Market

The Avenue's newest addition, The Food Market, successfully combines a clean industrial aesthetic with an approachable and affordable menu, and their cocktail menu is no different. A list of all-time favorites and tweaks to classic cocktails populate the list, including everyone's favorite from New Orleans: the Hurricane. Or as The Food Market calls it, the Hampden Hurricane.

The recipe for any Hurricane is a straightforward mixture of dark and light rum, loads of passion fruit syrup and lime, which normally results in an almost sickeningly sweet fruit bomb in your mouth. The Hampden Hurricane is decidedly subtle with its fruitiness, opting for the stiffness brought on by heavy pours of Sailor Jerry and Meyers Dark Rum, with another dash of Passion Fruit Alize, cherry juice and grenadine. It's a lot of booze. It'll give you a kick, and without a lot of sweetness to pad the blow you might want to opt for some more cherry juice. Of course, the sweetness can be adjusted to one's taste, but if you're like me you just might appreciate not being assaulted by huge sweet flavors.


Poured over a glass of soft crushed ice, the Hampden Hurricane is indeed a very refreshing cocktail — and not a whole lot of restaurants in the Baltimore area serve Hurricanes, manager Elan Kotz noted. "They're just a good old-school drink. It really takes you back." Back to where he was referring I never found out, but I'm sure it's someplace nice.

How to make the Hampden Hurricane


1 oz. Sailor Jerry Caribbean Rum

1 1/2 oz. Meyers Dark Rum

1/2 oz. Passion Fruit Alize

Splash of Grenadine

Splash of cherry juice

Lemon and lime wedges, cherry to garnish

Combine all ingredients and pour over crushed ice. Garnish and enjoy.

Where to get the Hampden Hurricane


The Food Market
1017 W 36th St., Hampden