Like/Dislike with Danielle Hogan, PR liaison for the Gathering

Danielle Hogan.

Danielle Hogan is deeply invested in Baltimore's food truck scene, recently taking on the job as public relations liaison for food truck festival the Gathering.

And though she may have lived in Southern California and South Florida for more than 15 years, Baltimore will always be home.


The Gathering, which recently kicked off its 2014 season, showcases some of Baltimore's best food trucks while raising money to benefit at least one charity per event. The festival ( moves around town during its April-November season, with a different location every weekend.

Aside from food trucks, each gathering will also feature live music, drinks, fashion and art trucks, as well as individual additions that are tailored to each gathering. The next Gathering will take place Friday at Baltimore Museum of Industry in Federal Hill.


Hogan took a break from the food truck business to talk to us about her love of Indian food, distaste for Miley Cyrus and more.

Worst pet peeve? Injustice. I find it very difficult to tolerate racism, prejudice, ignorance and closed-minded people. We all bleed the same color red.

What songs are you loving and hating right now? I love any songs that can make you dance or any songs that evoke depth. Artists on heavy rotation at the moment are: Thievery Corporation, Mark Farina, Radiohead, Pure X, Billie Holiday, Nightmares on Wax, the Smiths, Massive Attack, Beastie Boys, Broken Bells. I hate any songs by Miley Cyrus, to be honest. Her poor image is such a poor influence for adolescent girls.

Last concert you went to? I saw Depeche Mode in D.C. during the fall, which brought back wonderful memories from high school, and I also saw Shovels & Rope at Rams Head.

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Without a doubt, Crocs. If I never see a pair again, I would be so grateful.

Favorite and least favorite fashion statement? My favorite fashion statement is a myriad of accessories. I love the boho-chic look. My least favorite fashion statement is the writing on the backside of a girl's sweatpants, because sometimes it really isn't that juicy, if you catch my drift.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? If I'm in the mood for a craft cocktail, I love going to Mr. Rain's Fun House at American Visionary Art Museum. The ambiance is just as good as the cocktails. If I'm in the mood for a great brew, Brewer's Art is a home run every time. If I feel like dancing, my go-to seems to always be Red Maple. I love that place.

Best advice you ever got? Being that Joseph Campbell is a huge hero of mine, I love to listen to his wisdom to "follow your bliss." I also very much appreciate my parents raising me to live with integrity and honesty, forever reminding me that "The truth always comes out, so stay sincere, loyal, and true to your word."


Favorite food truck dish? I just can't get enough of the Sultan Food Truck. I love Indian food, especially curry.