Like/Dislike with Mansour Abdessadok, dancer/mime

Mansour Abdessadok of Michael Jackson: The Immortal Tour.

Prepare to be thrilled, Baltimore. The Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour is coming to town.

Mansour Abdessadok, 30, of Montpellier, France, is a part of the action, traveling the world as a mime, the main character in the Cirque du Soleil show, which stops at Baltimore Arena on March 18 and 19.


"The show is Cirque du Soleil meets rock concert. It has the acrobatics that people know Cirque for, paired with the iconic music and choreography of Michael Jackson," said Abdessadok.

This tour differs from other Michael Jackson shows, as producers met with close Jackson associates while planning the tribute, which aims to capture the King of Pop's legacy, using his love of music and dance to relive his inspiration to millions. "We worked with the Jackson family and the estate," Abdessadok said. "We got access to exclusive music and songs that you can only hear in this show. Four of our 11 band members previously played with Michael Jackson. And so many amazing choreographers worked with us who knew Michael Jackson."


Abdessadok took a break from leading the show to discuss his warm-up ritual, his shyness and more.

Worst pet peeve? Fake people

What song/songs are you loving and hating right now? I love Hans Zimmer right now. I listen to it to warm up and after the show to relax in the hotel. I'm not a fan of metal. It's the only music style I can't handle.

Last concert/gig you went to? Beyonce in Las Vegas.

Your worst habit? I'm a bit shy. As an artist, sometimes it's better if you talk easily to people, and sometimes I'm too shy.

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Clothes that are way too big for your body.

Last movie you liked and last you disliked? I just rewatched "Moulin Rouge" and I still love it. I love all of Baz Luhrmann's movies. I didn't really like "The Wolf of Wall Street." I liked Leonardo DiCaprio's acting, but the story was too much.

Favorite and least favorite fashion statement? Fedora-type hats are my favorite, specifically Goorin Bros. brand.


Best advice you ever got? Be yourself.

Reaction when you tell people about your job? "Wow, you are so lucky!"

Performance warm-up ritual? For an 8 p.m. show, I eat around 6:30 p.m. and then one hour before the show I start my makeup. It takes me about 50 minutes to do my makeup. Then I put Icy Hot on my legs and back and get in costume 10 minutes before the show starts. And do jump rope to warm up.

Favorite thing about Baltimore? I remember the fans being really awesome when we performed here last time, so I can't wait to see that energy again!