Chef Jordan Miller poses outside of the Lord Baltimore Hotel.
Chef Jordan Miller poses outside of the Lord Baltimore Hotel. (Jen Rynda, Patuxent Publishing)

He started out as a teenager washing dishes during summer nights at the Jersey Shore, but these days Jordan Miller is busy planning the fancy Baltimore Winter Restaurant Week menu at the French Kitchen inside downtown's Lord Baltimore Hotel.

"Restaurant Week gives people the opportunity to explore Baltimore's culinary landscape without going broke," said the 28-year-old New Jersey native who now lives in Charles Village. "If you're like me, you go out to dinner and order pretty much everything on the menu and come home $200 to $300 poorer. Restaurant Week gives you the opportunity to do the very same thing and do it again the very next day — and still pay your rent."


But during Restaurant Week, which launches Sunday and runs through Feb. 23 (it's part of a Visit Baltimore promotional package called Absolutely Febulous — absolutelyfebulous.com) area eateries are offering three-course dinner menus for $20-$30. Miller said the French Kitchen's tasting menu will include some of the restaurant's signature dishes, including poulet roti and beef bourguignon.

Miller took a break from preparing the menu to talk to us about his love for the yoga pant, the food he has always wanted to work with and more.

Worst pet peeve? People consciously walking past garbage (in the hotel and on the street) and not picking it up.

What song/songs are you loving and what song/s are you hating right now? Loving: Arcade Fire, "Reflektor"; Burning Hotels, "Beard"; Rod Stewart, "Young Turks." Hating: The majority of America's top 100 list. Katy Perry? Come on now.

Last concert/gig you went to? The Avett Brothers in Philadelphia. Over the years it has kind of morphed into a family thing.

TV shows you can't get enough of? "Orange is the New Black," "How I Met Your Mother," "True Detective," "Game of Thrones."

Favorite and least favorite fashion statement? I think I speak on the behalf of many by saying that the yoga pant has done wonders for modern fashion. I enjoy them. A fashion statement I don't particularly understand would have to be the furries. Have you met a furry? It's just awkward. Is this even a fashion thing or more of a lifestyle?

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? WC Harlan, Rye, Club Charles — my favorite watering holes, hands down.

Best advice you ever got?  Work harder than the guy next to you.

Favorite current food trend?  Fine dining on the plate and not WITH silver silverware and crystal stemware.  People are more food-focused these days, and that's great news for chefs.

Favorite thing about Baltimore? If you're bored, it's your own damn fault!