Dominic D'Andrea, producing artistic director of the One-Minute Play Festival.
Dominic D'Andrea, producing artistic director of the One-Minute Play Festival. (Handout)

Dominic D'Andrea has recently been to 13 cities as producing artistic director of the One-Minute Play Festival, but the place that really stands out in his mind? Baltimore.

Sure, he's a hometown guy, but he seems to really mean it. "You'd be hard-pressed to find indie theater and arts groups as impressive as EMP, Single Carrot, Glass Mind, etc.," he said. "The guys just go for it."


And that's a good thing, since the 32-year-old Severna Park native is bringing OMPF to town for the first time this weekend (8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at EMP Collective, 307 W. Baltimore St., $15, The festival, which features more than 50 new one-minute works from about 30 local playwrights, started as a community event in New York City, where D'Andrea now lives.

After seven years, it's now a full-fledged theater company. Not bad for a guy who started out with chorus roles in musicals in high school — and was "terrible" at it. "OMPF is our way of saying, 'Here's where your community of artists are at. Here's 50 pulses of storytelling that speak to that,'" he said.

Now we'll let him tell his own story.

Worst pet peeve? People who put bags on seats in coffee shops or on the train, and then they have the nerve to pretend like they don't see other people looking for a seat.

Your worst habit? Checking Twitter and Facebook on my phone all day everyday nonstop. Sometimes I'll wake up from a dead sleep and check-in.

Most thrilling aspect of the OMPF? Drinking a well-earned beer with lots and lots of people that worked on it on opening night. It's like "Wooo, we did it! Now let's drink the Natty Boh and pretend like its champagne! And then let's repeat this pattern tomorrow!"

Last movie you liked/disliked? "Attack The Block." British import. Awesome.

TV shows you can't get enough of? "Breaking Bad." I want to rip my own face off at the thought of having to wait until next summer to see the end!! DAAAH!

Most unique theme explored in the OMPF? In Baltimore? Food. Eating. How we eat. When we eat. Where we eat. That's on a lot of the artists' minds. They wrote a lot about that stuff.

Last great meal you had? Yo, I made these bomb vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls the other day. And I'm Italian. We don't do cabbage. But I did, and it was awesome. Shout out to Ina Garten for the recipe procured via the internet. In fact: I'm eating leftovers while I'm writing this.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? WALT'S INN!! In Canton. No second.

Best advice you ever got? "Learn how to use a f---ing comma!" — Edward Albee

Favorite thing about Baltimore? I've known people in this area for my entire life from every walk of life. It's the kind of place you run into someone from 15 years ago, and they are like "Oh, hey," like you've just seen them yesterday. It's surprising how unsurprising it is.