If resurrecting Jimi Hendrix proves impossible, I'm going with the Dixie Chicks, who taught America that criticizing the president and singing a truly beautiful version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" are not mutually exclusive acts.

Luke Broadwater, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

This singing business is overrated. I vote for an instrumental version — blues, say, or, better yet, surf-rock. Maybe Los Straitjackets? (With or without wrestling masks.)

Anne Tallent, editor, b

Here's my short-term memory kicking in: Kristin Chenoweth, who performed at the NFC Championship with the right balance of flair and traditionalism.

Wesley Case, reporter, b

Adele. She's a big football fan, right?

Jordan Bartel, assistant editor, b

Jennifer Hudson. She can flat-out sing. (Or a younger, healthier Whitney Houston.)

John-John Williams IV, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Kim Kardashian … because it will be entertaining if nothing else.

Mick Lee, Z104.3

Call me a cheeseball, but I'm a big fan of sing-alongs. Forget the diva and just let the attendees belt out "For the laa-and of the freeeeee!!!"

Olivia Hubert-Allen, community manager, The Baltimore Sun