Tebow goes to the Jets: The best Twitter reactions

Besties: Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow

I can't be the only ones Tebow-ed out right now, but his move from the Broncos to the Jets (in exchange for two draft picks) has elicited much repulsion/happiness/Jesus jokes on Twitter.

While I've kept my opinion on the matter to myself (mostly because I don't, well, care), here are some of the best 140-characters-or-fewer reactions to the news I've read.

• "Tim Tebow would definitely be a Hufflepuff." — Professor Snape, @_Snape_

• "Tim Tebow to New York. Jews to Denver." — Jeffrey Ross, @realjeffreyross

• "Tim Tebow was traded for our sins." — Faux John Madden, @FauxJohnMadden

• "If only Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez can fall for the same woman, we're 75 percent of the way to writing a wacky 80s romcom." — Kevin Van Valkenburg, @KVanValkenburg

• "What is a Tebow and does Katniss use it to kill people?" — bobby finger, @bobbyfinger

• "The jets are basically the first 30 minutes of 'major league' on a loop, and i love it." — Rob Harvilla, @harvilla

• "Hopefully with Tebow moving closer to NY, he'll finally get some attention from the media." — Josh Jackson, @joshjackson

• "Tebow traded to Jets for fourth round pick. The deal was worked out by his new agent, Judas." — Denis Leary, @denisleary

• "This tweet is also about Tim Tebow." — Mary Charlene, @IamEnidColeslaw

• "Suck it, Tebow." — Jesus Christ, @jesus_m_christ

• "We've already got 60 reasons to love the Tebow trade, 42 causes for concern, and 23 parallels between the trade and Season II of The Shield" — Fake Grantland, @fakegrantland