'Sharknado 2: The Second One' scores with outrageous Twitter reactions

Ratings for Syfy's 'œSharknado 2: The Second One'€ haven't come in, but the movie is already a hit in one sphere. It quickly shot to number one on Twitter trending, with everyone getting in on the action of the sequel to the unlikely smash hit from last summer.

In fact, at one point in the night, eight of the top ten Twitter hashtags were for the Ian Ziering and Tara Reid movie, which featured countless celebrity cameos.

The film is also trending on Facebook, as the social media strength it showed during last year's 'Sharknado'€ premiere doesn't appear to have abated a single bit. In an era of time-shifting, it's certainly remarkable that an openly ridiculous film – that's only gotten even more ridiculous, if the sequel trailers are to be believed – has bucked the trend and become must-see-right-now TV.

Here are some of the best live Twitter reactions to the movie during its original broadcast. Even the film's official handle got in on the action.

Did you hear it? That shark just said, "€Don't tase me bro!"€ #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

-€“ Sharknado (@SharknadoSyfy) July 31, 2014

Now this movie looks fake...Was that Mets game sold out? #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

-€“ John Anderson (@johnWKYC) July 31, 2014

True science fact: there must be at least 140 sharks to be classified as a sharknado, not a shark dust devil. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

-€“ NIH Bear (@NIH_Bear) July 31, 2014

I powered down to regular human strength & temporarily relinquished my World Champ Powers for #Sharknado2TheSecondOne @SharknadoSyfy

- Judah Friedlander (@JudahWorldChamp) July 31, 2014

#Sharknado2TheSecondOne has brought the country together in the way we tend to bond during national tragedy. Which, I guess, yeah.

-€“ Stacey (@flipflops) July 31, 2014

We go to @alroker & @MLauer for *all* our shark storm news #Sharknado2TheSecondOne 

-€“ Mashable (@mashable) July 31, 2014

I really love how all the people who judge me for watching #TheBachelorette are currently live tweeting #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

- Dana Weiss (@Possessionista) July 31, 2014

If Jaws and Showgirls had a baby, it would be #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

- shauna (@goldengateblond) July 31, 2014

Rare instance when the sequel is even better than the one that started it all! #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

-€“ Karsch and Anderson (@DougAndGator971) July 31, 2014

Okay an empty train in NYC???...Now you're just being ridiculous @SharknadoSyfy #sharknado #Sharknado2TheSecondOne @SyfyTV

-€“ TheTaffetaDarling (@TaffetaDarlin) July 31, 2014

"€œOne day, we'll all have a cameo in the Sharknado franchise" -€“ Andy Warhol #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

- SpaceChannel (@SpaceChannel) July 31, 2014

#Sharknado2TheSecondOne is an allegory about climate change, which will bring more extreme weather shark events to major cities

- joshuafoust (@joshuafoust) July 31, 2014

If aliens are searching for intelligent life, I hope they tune into #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

-€“ Marshall Ramsey (@MarshallRamsey) July 31, 2014

Is Mark McGrath going to sing “When It's Over” as the credits roll? Serious question. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

-€“ Sarah Conley (@styleit) July 31, 2014

Reality TV at its best.