Canton resident Cara Demski, 26, is kind-of obsessed with zombies. This Friday, she'll be exhibiting her love of flesh-eating monsters at the Zombies, Strippers and Beer Part Two rock show at 7 p.m. at Bourbon Street. b asked Demski for some insights into Zombieland. 

Zombies! Strippers! Beer! 

Okay, well at first glance that got my attention, (and no this has nothing to do with the Jenna Jameson film, “Zombie Strippers”). 
A Zombie Apocalypse is coming to Baltimore and the invitation requires that local Baltimoreans dress up in stripper heels and zombie makeup, listen to local Baltimore bands and drink beer. 
“What amazing hell did I die and descend into?” was my original thought. 
My love of zombies originated with Rob Zombie and his horrifying music, stage presence and now movies that include “House of a Thousand Corpses,” “Halloween” and “The Devil’s Rejects.” 
Lesson learned from the love of Rob Zombie is that when you mix sexy women (his wife Sheri Moon Zombie), some rock ’n’ roll and horror, you get a good time. 
Well Baltimore, meet your “Rob Zombie,” Joe Granato. 
The show’s creator, Granato, is a filmmaker, writer and musician filming an independent satirical zombie movie about “commercial radio turning the world into mindless zombies and it is up to the independent artists of Baltimore to stop them and save us all.” 
I will admit that I am that girl who looks forward to Halloween every year. I can dress up as a witch, zombie or monster and put the “sexy/stripper twist” on it by adding stiletto heels, a bustier and fun makeup without judgment. 
I have a closet full of garter belts, fake eyelashes, fake blood, stilettos, fishnets. I even own a pair of red contacts. 
Just a few things to remember while attending this event: 
1) I might bite you. 
2) Like the good zombies or zombie strippers you are, come with a stage name. Mine is undecided at the moment, but I am thinking Deborah. Might sound lame to you, but that is the name of Michael Myers’ mom in Halloween who was a stripper!
3) On the menu is beer and brains. There are no substitutes.
4) Be careful who you take home. Zombie makeup might cover a lot of ugly.

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