Dave (Jason Bateman) fakes his way through a meeting in "The Change-Up." Our voluntary body-switching would turn out much better.
(Universal Pictures)

In "The Change-Up," out Friday, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds switch bodies. If you could body-switch with one celebrity, who would it be?

UFC champ Jon Jones (brother of Ravens player Arthur Jones). He's smart, charming and good-looking. He hits action-figure-style moves in a fight. And he manages to catch muggers in his spare time. Who wouldn't want to be a real-life superhero? — Luke Broadwater, managing editor, b


Keith Richards. I've always wondered what immortality felt like. — Anne Tallent, editor, b

Jay-Z, because when I'm tired of all the millions of dollars and unflappable credibility, I can kick my shoes off and get in bed with Beyoncé. Not bad! — Wesley Case, reporter, b

I think Adele would be a pretty awesome person to be for awhile. Bonus: spending the summer doing the hand claps in "Rumor Has It." — Jordan Bartel, assistant editor, b

Conan O'Brien. For a multitude of reasons. Namely, his legs. — Molly McLaughlin, intern, b

Rihanna, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift or any of the countless "singers" running around today. I would love to get paid millions for singing off-tune for a majority of my live performances. — John-John Williams IV, reporter, The Baltimore Sun

Hugh Hefner! It seems no matter how pale or wrinkly he turns, he still gets all the ladies! — Mick Lee, Z104.3

Helena Bonham Carter. I want to get my hands on her wardrobe. Plus, it'd be cool to get a peek into the inner workings of Tim Burton's mind. And while she's got my body maybe she'd make me some crazy new friends. — Colleen Dorsey, intern, b