Maryland Film/TV Showdown: The Divine Region

It's March Madness time, and that means an excuse for our favorite Baltimore movies and TV shows to duke it out. Yes, some are more iconic than others (props if you've seen "Family Rules"), but it wouldn't be March Madness if the underdog didn't have a fighting chance. The criteria: movies, TV shows and miniseries that take place in or were filmed in Charm City. We'll update the bracket with every tournament round, so come back to vote. Just remember, "You come at the king, you best not miss."

The Divine Region

Best of John Waters: His 16 feature films and shorts

(1) Hairspray vs. (16) The Diane Linkletter Story

"Hairspray," which features Divine in his final John Waters film role, later spawned a Broadway musical and a second film adaptation in 2007. Divine stars in the title role of the 1970 short film "The Diane Linkletter Story."

(8) Mondo Trasho vs. (9) Pecker

"Mondo Trasho" has a nude hitchhiking scene on the Johns Hopkins campus. Need we say more? 1998's "Pecker" stars Edward Furlong (who works at a Baltimore sandwich shop) and Christina Ricci and takes place in Hampden.

(5) Female Trouble vs. (12) A Dirty Shame

Dawn Davenport (Divine) is a high school girl always getting into something in "Female Trouble": eating a meatball sandwich in class, getting pregnant, chopping off someone's hand. 2004's sexual satire "A Dirty Shame," Waters' most recent directorial outing (besides this year's multimedia show "Kiddie Flamingos"), features Johnny Knoxville and Selma Blair.

(4) Desperate Living vs. (13) Roman Candles

In "Desperate Living," Mink Stole plays Peggy Gravel, who enlists her overweight maid to murder her husband. They're exiled and end up conspiring with a lesbian wrestler. "Roman Candles," a 1966 short film, hasn't been released commercially, but it marks Divine's first film with Waters.

(6) Polyester vs. (11) Multiple Maniacs

"Polyester" is a study in middle-class suburban Baltimore life, through Waters' gimmicky lens; scratch and sniff cards allowed viewers to smell the movie while watching it. "Multiple Maniacs," Waters' second feature film, stars (who else?) Divine and is one of the director's most beloved classics.

(3) Cry-Baby vs. (14) Eat Your Makeup

It's the "drapes" vs. the "squares" in 1990 musical "Cry-Baby," one of Johnny Depp's earliest starring roles. "Eat Your Makeup," Waters' first 16mm film, was another short never shown commercially, but it made some appearances in a 2004 exhibition.

(7) Serial Mom vs. (10) Cecil B. DeMented

"Serial Mom" stars Kathleen Turner and Sam Waterston, as well as Waters film fixture Ricki Lake (with a Joan Rivers cameo, for good measure). In "Cecil B. DeMented," a Hollywood starlet is captured by terrorist underground filmmakers.

(2) Pink Flamingos vs. (15) Hag in a Black Leather Jacket

If you know nothing else about Divine, you probably know him as the one who eats dog feces in that one John Waters movie. "Pink Flamingos" is that one John Waters movie. "Hag in a Black Leather Jacket," a 1964 short film, spotlights an interracial marriage on a rooftop.

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