Emma gets cold feet in Glee's "I Do" episode.
(Adam Rose/FOX)

Glee. Valentine's Day. Wedding. Aww. Right? Wrong.

Let's cut to the chase. Mr. Schu gets jilted at the altar. To the tune of "(Not) Getting Married Today" from the musical "Company."


Finn of course thinks Emma's no-show has to do with their impromptu kiss last week. Mr. Schu, still in the dark about the aforementioned kiss his best man planted on his fiancee, thinks it's that Emma was overwhelmed by his absence the past few months. (And can we talk about why Finn is the best man? Doesn't Mr. Schu have real friends or any kind of social life outside of McKinley High?)

The rest of the episode seems to gloss over the nuptial-fail. The reception must go on. Gee, New Directions, some friends you are.

The reception -- sans bride and groom -- turns out to be like a cheesy prom with way too much neon and red. I can't really imagine this reception to be Emma's meticulous work. (For insight into Emma's taste, I happen to have stumbled across a blog WWEPW, What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Fun!)

In my estimation, this episode seemed to be much more about relationships and less about the music. The couple of honor aside, the V-Day juice seems to have cast a spell on just about everyone else though.

Blaine and Kurt can't keep their hands off each other.

Artie wins over Emma's snarky niece.

Rachel and Finn reunite in song ("We've got tonight" –- If the wedding had gone as planned, how would that song have been an epic way to serenade the newlyweds?) and in flesh.

Tipsy Santana and Quinn even share a slow dance, and get a room in the spirit of experimentation.

In other news, Jake romances Marley with a trio of thoughtful Valentine's gifts including a history class serenade, a bouquet of peonies and a heart pendant. All thanks to suggestions from Ryder, who clearly still is crushing on her. Marley holds out on Jake, and figures out that the gifts were all really from Ryder. They share a kiss in the school hallway, which is sure to spell trouble in future episodes.

Rachel returns to NYC to bed with Brody.

Then she pees on a stick.

Best song of the show: New Directions' rendition of Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen," which would have been a more fitting title for this episode than "I Do."