Facebook changes: The 10 funniest reactions (so far)

Oh, Mark Zuckerberg. What are you up to?

Facebook has undergone a redesign. It happens, oh, every five minutes. And yet, people are not, um, enjoying the new "upgrades" to their news ticker and top stories. Let the bitching begin!

We looked through the many, many (we repeat: many!) angry/funny/perplexed tweets about Facebook and compiled our favorite reactions.


••• "Facebook done went and blow up people's ugly pics on my newsfeed." -- @OrinPhillips

••• "Zuckerberg apparently hired the genius behind New Coke to run Facebook." -- @MarkArum


••• "I just got an email from Facebook telling me they'll be sending me fewer emails. Because that makes sense." -- @hbobier

••• "Facebook is starting to feel like that deadbeat boyfriend you just don't know how to break up with." -- @ScrewyDecimal

••• "I wasn't minding the Facebook changes. Then it suggested I might want to be a fan of Ann Curry. And the rage began." -- @LogicalLibby

••• "Facebook continues to reinvent itself, by making itself less usable yet somehow exactly the same." -- @modeps

••• "Complaining about Facebook format changes is the ultimate 1st world problem." -- @Jenn1ferJun1per

••• "Why doesn't Facebook have a Dislike button?!” — Every jackass you know -- @hugsformonsters

••• "im a bit behind but what's wrong with facebook today?" -- @integratedmalay

••• "Facebook is banned in Pakistan. Can we do that in India too? Please." -- @desijourno