'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap: Drama comes back home

The ladies are back from the Sunshine State and instead of bringing sunshine to New Jersey they brought storms. 

Teresa G: Teresa G is obviously still dealing with her mortgage fraud case. Teresa, Melissa, Dina and Amber all go to a spa to debrief about the Florida trip. They tell Teresa how other Teresa is upset with her for continuing to spread the rumor about Rino sleeping with his mother-in-law. Later when Dina brings up the issue again to Teresa G, Teresa G doesn’t want to apologize for something she didn’t do and says she has too much on her plate to get invested in someone else's drama.

Teresa G goes to to get a pedicure with her daughter Gia. Teresa G is enjoying these moments with her daughters because she is unsure how the future will unfold and now that we know she is going to jail, it’s a lot harder to watch.

Dina: Now that she is back in Jersey, Dina is focusing on her charity event for Project Ladybug. At the spa, she explains to Amber why she kicked her and Jim out of the house in Florida. Dina says that is was because of Jim and not her.

Melissa: Like Dina, Melissa isn’t mad at Amber for what happened in Florida, but instead is mad at Jim.

While at the spa, Melissa gets a phone call from other Teresa inviting her to a small dinner party she is hosting. When Melissa answers this call she puts the phone on speaker. ROOKIE MISTAKE MELISSA. So now all the other women know they aren’t invited to the dinner party. I like to call this a THM (Total Housewife Move.)

Amber: Amber does a topless photo shoot to celebrate being cancer free. Jim then plans a romantic dinner where all the photos are displayed. In her side interview she says how sweet and caring Jim can be and that in Florida he was “Adolf Hitler for a day.” Um, that is a strong choice of words and I personally wouldn’t have describe him like that but hey to each her own?

Other Teresa:  She plans a food tasting dinner and talks about it while she and Nicole go shopping for dresses for the Project Ladybug event. She only invites select people. Other Teresa is really mad at Teresa G for continuing to spread the rumor about Rino and her mother.

Nicole: Nicole is invited over for dinner at Kathy’s house. Jacqueline is also over there. Nicole is worried about meeting Jacqueline because she has heard all these rumors that she causes drama. Nicole explains the Florida drama and realizes that Jacqueline is not a bad person. Duh.

Nicole then goes to look at houses and brings Bobby along. Nicole isn’t sure whether or not Bobby will be moving in with her.

Next week apparently is the season finale and I refuse to accept it. Based on the previews, drama is going to go down at the Project Ladybug event. Gone are the days where drama happens at fashion shows, now the premier venue for drama is charity events.

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