'Survivor' recap: 'Actions vs. Accusations'

We start out at Coyopa post-Tribal Council. Baylor is a little freaked out by how close she got to going home and she's not going to let Josh do the talking for her.

John tries to play it that he was trying to protect Val, if only she had played her Idol. Umm, if you’re really in an alliance with someone, you don’t make them play their Immunity Idol unless you really, really have to.

At Hunahpu, Drew points out that their roof isn’t the most waterproof, and apparently monsoon season is on the way. But instead of helping weave palm fronds to fix the problem, Drew decides to take a nap. Not a good way to make friends on your tribe, dude.

Natalie endears herself to me a little bit by calling Drew on his laziness. Jeremy was planning including Drew in his alliance because he’s a moron (ha!) but not if he’s going to be a lazy moron.

Reward Challenge time, and Jeremy does not look pleased that Val went home. He flat out says that the men are going to pick the girls off one by one. The challenge this week is very balance-y, with having to both walk along a swinging balance beam and balance a board on a stick as well. Coyopa gets to pick who participates, and they pick Wes because they think Keith will suck at this challenge.

But he’s not as bad as Wes would hope, and they are pretty even throughout the challenge, until the high winds makes Keith drop a piece and have to go back for a new one. Wes pulls ahead by just enough, and Coyopa manages to eke out their first win. Keith gets all emotional because Wes did so well.  Apparently this is very out of character for Keith, and he and Wes share a nice moment.

So Keith is headed to Exile Island, and Wes chooses Josh to go with him. Coyopa gets choice of reward, either the fishing gear from last week, or comfort in the form of a tarp and a hammock. If monsoon season really is coming, I bet they’re going to wish they picked the tarp.

Back at Hunahpu, Julie takes off crying I guess because of how John acted? Jeremy is royally pissed that John didn’t protect Val like he promised. Jeremy spills the beans about who John is, and what he said and did that made him infamous.

At Exile Island, Keith has learned from his previous experience, and gets Josh to agree to share the clue before they look in the urns. They get the same clue everyone else has gotten, and realize that someone may have already found the Idol at both camps.

Josh and Keith seem to get along really well, and make themselves a fine meal of snails. Hey, if it’s good enough for fancy French restaurants, it’s good enough for them. Bet they wish they had some garlic butter, though.

Apparently the fishing gear was a good choice, because they’ve got fish to eat over at Coyopa. And later, when it looks like John is asleep, Baylor tries to get the younger guys to join her and Jaclyn. They seem to agree, but Alec admits in confessional that they have no reason not to vote out the girls like planned.

Immunity Challenge time! The tribes have to divide into pairs, be tethered together, and then crawl through a spider web-looking obstacles to retrieve a ball, which then needs to be thrown into a basket. First team to three wins. Josh and Baylor are up first against Jon and Natalie. Jon is pretty much dragging Natalie through the course, but they are the first to sink their basket.

Julie and Kelley are up next against Wes and Alec. Wes and Alec score before Julie and Kelley even get to their ball. Drew and Reed are up against John and Jaclyn. John scores for Coyopa, and they’re up 2-1. Josh and Baylor are up against Jeremy and Kelley, and Jeremy scores, so of course they are now tied 2-2, and the next point wins (doesn’t it seem like that happens a lot?)

Wes and Alec are up against Natalie and Jon. Both teams miss their first shot, but Jon sinks the next one, and Hunahpu wins Immunity again. Natalie calls John out about being a bad sportsman, which, really Natalie, I saw you elbow Wes crawling under the obstacle. Then she brings up his racist and homophobic comments, and tells Coyopa to vote him out and John admits that he would knock her teeth out if she was a man. Classy all round this episode.

I do think they need to get rid of John, because he’s sneaky and a loose cannon. We’ll see if the other guys can get their stuff together enough to pull it off.

Baylor is on point when she points out that while Natalie was completely out of line, John’s responses to her were harsh and a little bit scary.

John tells the girls that they should vote out Dale, but that’s just to placate them so they’re not suspicious, and really get rid of Baylor. John confides in Josh that he has an Immunity Idol, and Josh is a little off-put that John didn’t tell him earlier.

So know they know that they need to blindside John in order to get rid of him, and that’s exactly what they plan to do. Baylor doesn’t know if Josh is telling her truth, but it’s really her best chance. Except Alec is probably going to screw the whole thing up because he wants to keep John around for challenges. Yes. Because that’s worked so well thus far in the game for Coyopa.

Tribal Council time! Jeff goes straight to how all of Hunahpu feels about John. Jeff brings up the fact that Natalie called him the leader of the tribe and John deflects. Jaclyn totally screws up the blindside by saying that things are shifting, and John starts to look panicked. Wes and Josh try to pull things back in, and Baylor screws it up again by saying the tribe needs to wake up. Josh looks like he wants to girls to just shut up before they ruin it all. And he’s probably right.

Voting time! John votes for Baylor, and Baylor votes for John, but we don’t see the rest. Votes are tallied, and Jeff calls for the Immunity Idol, and John shifts around like he’s going to, but then he doesn’t. Two votes for Baylor, and two votes for John, and the next two votes are for John! They actually did it! John goes home with an Immunity Idol in his pocket.

I’m starting to root for Josh and Wes, which means they’re doomed.

Next week: Drew thinks he’s a badass, but Jeremy still thinks he’s a moron. Guess who’s right (hint: it’s Jeremy.)

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