'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap, 'Pack Your Bags and Get Out!'

The Sunshine State is looking more and more like the Natural Disaster State as the ladies and their husbands continue their vacations.

Last episode ended with Jim accusing Bobby of seeing other women, which caused a lot of yelling, cursing and Bobby hiding in the bathroom. The drama continued when Jim made a reference to Rino sleeping with the other Teresa’s mother. (Jim is a little rat who needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.) Shall we begin?

First, a spoiler alert. Last week, in the real world, we found out that Teresa G. was found guilty of mortgage fraud and will spend 15 months in jail. Her husband, Joe, received 41 months in prison. Knowing this information, it was difficult to watch this episode. It's sad to see Teresa G. bonding with her daughters, since soon she won’t be able to live with them for a year.

Teresa G. and Joe go on a date together and I couldn’t help think that they will be separated from each other soon. #FreeTeresa.

Dina, lover of all things Zen, doesn't like the energy that Jim and Amber were giving off, so the morning after the fight, she asks them to leave the trip. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Dina.

She becomes frustrated when the other Teresa gets mad at her for not saying anything about the Rino rumor. Dina is offended because she tried to tell other Teresa, who didn’t want to listen if it didn’t directly relate to her.

Melissa is caught in the  middle of everything. She becomes mad when Jim brings up the rumor about other Teresa’s mom. She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to discuss Santa.

Amber becomes mad at Jim for getting involved in all the drama. She doesn't think it was necessary for him to spread gossip.

I swear he is worse than some of the housewives; he deserves his own tagline in the opening. Stressed about all the arguing and fighting that is going on, Amber smokes her first cigarette since she had cancer. Rebel.

Amber is extremely offended when Dina asks her and Jim to leave the house. She thinks it is unfair that Dina is taking the twins’ side on the Bobby rumors without even listening to Jim. I disagree with Amber; I think Dina uninvited them because Jim gets too loud and disturbs the peace. I don’t think it has a lot to do with who said what.

Other Teresa becomes extremely mad at Jim for accusing Rino of sleeping with her mother. She becomes equally mad at Dina because Teresa G. expressed to her the rumor about Rino and Santa. I guess don’t shoot the messenger doesn’t apply in this situation?

She also is mad at the girls for not telling her about the rumor. Yes, you’re right if you’re recalling how Dina did try to tell other Teresa about the rumor, but other Teresa didn’t want to listen. Other Teresa leaves the house and meets up with Rino, who goes to Florida. They later return to the house and surprise everyone.

Nicole is upset with Bobby because he ran off to the bathroom to hide when Jim was yelling at him. She wishes she had Bobby there to support her when she was telling Jim off. Nicole is figuring out what her future with Bobby is going to look like.

Jacqueline, the original housewife, is still missing Teresa G. She has a nice date night with her husband Chris; they discuss how they have reached out to Teresa G. and she has texted back, though not in the way Jacqueline would like.

Kathy visits Jacqueline and in her side interview, says she and Jacqueline have a bond because they both have children with medical issues.

In the preview for next week’s episode, Jacqueline invites Nicole over.

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