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'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Miss Me x 100'

There are 100 things we could write to celebrate this milestone episode, but here are five things that made our hearts beat 100 times faster last night.

Does that include Jenna? It’s a night underneath the stars for the people of Rosewood. While gazing at the solar system, Hana shares her doubts about Ali’s return with Travis. Although he reassures her that she doesn’t have anything to worry about, she still can’t help but wonder if she will ever be her own person again.

Meanwhile, during their “not a date” walk, Aria and Ezra run into Ali, who is making a late-night trip to her father’s office to pick up papers for her first day of school. All is fine until a bus pulls up…and off steps Jenna. (Yes, blind Jenna).

Spencer spends the evening speaking with Toby about her father's erratic behavior. Toby gets a phone call from a broken Jenna, telling him that Shana has been murdered.

Back at Ali’s house, the girls try to decide if they should tell Toby the truth, and why Jenna has decided to return to Rosewood.  Aria wants Spencer to share what happened that night in New York with Toby, Emily agrees it would be better if it was just kept a secret. Ali just agrees that maybe they should all get through her first day of school first.

Ali’s Back/We have to pack Ali’s entrance to Rosewood brings mixed emotions from her fellow classmates. While some heckle her, some look on in amazement, finally getting the chance to see the girl they have heard so much about.

Before she can make it to her friends, Ali stops to make an apology to the twin girls she bullied while she was at school before. When the girls make it into school, it is time for them to go their separate ways.

Aria and Hana head to class, Emily decides to walk Ali to the guidance counselor’s office, and Spencer gets called down to the main office. When Spencer arrives, her mother is in the office. Mrs. Hastings tells Spencer that it is time to go, go to their house and pack their belongings. because she is leaving her father and going to a hotel.

Ali isn’t the only one trying to win back old friends. Lucas decides to invite Hana to the party he is throwing at his house to introduce his girlfriend to his friends.

At lunch Spencer, Aria and Hana try to figure out where Spencer is. Aria decides she is going to visit Jenna, and when her friends disagree, she decides her lunch is over.

Making Amends/Making Returns When Aria arrives at Jenna’s house, she notices the door is already open and decides to invite herself in. As she enters, she notices Jenna sitting on the floor, crying. Before she could even think to make her presence known, she runs out of the house, realizing that it may have been a bad idea to show up in the first place.

Back at Emily’s house, Ali tries to find a way to apologize to Paige for all she has done. As Paige listens to every excuse, she still can’t accept her apology.

After she leaves, Ali tells Emily that she is sorry for everything she has done to her, and how each time she kissed her, it was real. Emily tells Ali that she is making her way back to school; when Ali ask if she can come, Emily tells her it's an event that Paige will be attending, so maybe she should sit this one out. With nowhere to go, Ali decides to stay at Emily’s house, but Emily still decides to go out.

When Aria returns home, she is greeted by a knock on her door. To her surprise, it is Jenna, who knows that Aria was at her house earlier in the evening. Jenna becomes upset, and Aria invites her in to talk.

As she is getting ready for Lucas’s party, Hana stops at the coffee shop; while there, she runs into Caleb, who notices a cup for Hana and for Travis. Instead of explaining why he is back in town, Caleb leaves. At the Lucas house, Hana drinks a little too much “juice” and decides to call Caleb. He doesn’t pick up, and Travis has to take care of Hana after her drunken night.

Ali and Mona’s Meeting Ali decides to leave Emily’s house and take a walk. She notices a car following her and tries to run before it can catch up to her. She runs into the church, where she thinks she is safe from whoever is out to get her. But she isn’t.

Mona is there to greet her. Mona begins to tell Ali that it is time for her to disappear again. Of course, Ali does not agree and makes a point of reminding Mona how she has changed, and that although she is changed, she made Mona nobody and can and will do it again.

Mona tells Ali that she knows that the girls were in New York the night of Shana’s murder, but Ali finds it hard to believe, since she hasn’t found a way to prove it. Out of anger, Mona slaps Ali; in return Ali smacks Mona back, leaving a scratch on her face.

Ali returns to Emily’s house to tell the girls what happened. Spencer, Emily and Aria are there, but a recovering Hana is already in the bed. Ali tells the girls that she and Mona spoke, and Mona tried to get a rise out of her by slapping her. When the girls asked what she did in return, Ali claims she walked away.

Emily spends the night at Ali’s house. While they are in bed, they share a kiss, which turns into a little bit more. Meanwhile Aria doesn’t want to be alone and stays at Ezra’s house, with the same result. (Aria and Ezra forever)!

The next day at school, the girls are greeted by Mona and a crowd of students. When Ali wonders why everyone is staring at her, Mona ask her friends if they know what happened when they met last night. She plays the video back, but it’s only everything that Ali said, ending with Ali smacking Mona in the face. The girls can’t believe she lied again, and walk away.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Mona, Jenna and Sydney (yes, the new girl on the swim team) all plot Ali’s end.

Breaking News: Spencer shares with Toby that there is a world without A, and that her family life is crumbling before her eyes. He isn’t upset and lets her know that she is not alone.

Speaking of alone, Hana runs into Caleb; they share a beer and Hana wants to know that happened in Ravenswood. Caleb tells her everything. Before they can get drunk, Hana gets a text telling her to come to Ali’s house to watch the breaking news brief in regards to the girl in Ali’s grave.

When they arrive, Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby and Ali and Emily are all there, to support each other. The police chief announces that the missing girl in the grave is Bethany Young, a 17-year-old runaway from Radley.

As the press conference ends, there is a loud explosion. As they leave, they notice it is Toby’s house that has been blown up. And at that very moment, everyone’s cell phone text-message alerts go off.

A is back!

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