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Like/Dislike with Rory Cherry, Electric Brigade

Sometimes fate plays a hand that is so unmistakably evident that ignoring the sign seems completely ludicrous. For chief musician Rory Cherry, it was when he got his first bass guitar.

The 37-year-old plays the electric bass for the U.S. Naval Academy band Electric Brigade, which will perform at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater for the Fourth of July Celebration at 7 p.m. Friday. He began playing music in the summer of 1989, and started learning to read music by playing trombone in middle school.

One afternoon as his grandfather and uncle were traveling, they came upon a bass guitar on the side of the road. His relatives gave the guitar to Cherry.

Cherry, who lives in Arnold and is originally from Dothan, Ala., became involved with the Electric Brigade when he was stationed at the Naval Academy in 2006.

Cherry talked to us about his favorite instrument, what he loves about the military and more.

Worst pet peeve? Fake people.

What song are you loving right now? It's considered classic rock now, but I've been listening to "Thorn in My Pride" by the Black Crowes. I wanted to learn to play it on guitar because I love it so much, so I did.

Last concert you went to? Kix at Rams Head Live. If you want to rock, go see Kix.

Your worst habit? Indecision. My problem is that I'm too analytical, which leads to indecisiveness in a lot of situations.

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Political correctness and UGGs.

Last movie you liked? I really liked "Captain Phillips." Tom Hanks is an outstanding actor, and of course in the end, the good guys win. Go Navy!

TV show you can't get enough of? "Game of Thrones." It has everything.

Favorite and least favorite fashion statement? Favorite: anything that is appropriate for the situation. Least favorite: cut-off jeans that show a little too much.

Last great meal you had? Homemade pesto with bruschetta. Simple and delicious.

Best advice you ever got? Not to sound like an inspirational poster, but the best advice I've ever gotten was to just be yourself. Other people can see when you're trying too hard.

What instrument do you hope to learn? Piano. It's such a beautiful instrument, and it lends itself to almost any music.

What's your favorite thing about being in the military? The people. Nowhere, at least in my mind, will you meet such a diverse group of people. Humans are social beings and being around lots of different people only enhances one's life experience.

Your favorite thing about Baltimore? This may sound canned, but I don't think you can have bad time in Baltimore. Everywhere I go, I have a good time.


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