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Insomnia Cookies coming to Charles Village

A late-night cookie store will open in Charles Village in late July. The store will be open every day until 3 a.m.

Insomnia Cookies, a Bryn Mawr, Penn.-based bakery and dessert cafe that delivers warm cookies to the customer's door until the wee hours of the morning, will open its first Maryland location in the Charles Commons building at 3301 N. Charles St. 

It sounds like the kind of idea that was hatched in an undergraduate dormitory, and it is. Insomnia Cookies was founded in 2003 in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room by then-student Seth Berkowitz. There are now more than 40 Insomnia Cookie locations, from Minnesota to Florida. The company briefly had a presence in College Park about nine years ago when it partnered with a frozen-yogurt shop, which went out of business.

In addition to cookies, Insomnia Cookies offers a full ice cream menu, with cookie-sandwich options. A pint of cold milk can also be added to any order.








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