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Center Stage project 'My America' turned into feature film

One of the cool ventures that Kwame Kwei-Armah initiated as artistic director of Center Stage was a project in 2012 to mark the theater's 50th anniversary: "My America," a digital collection of monologues by a cross section of playwrights and actors.

More than 20 of those monologues about the American experience have been incorporated into a 78-minute film directed by Hal Hartley that will premiere, appropriately, on the Fourth of July, streamed worldwide on Fandor. It will also be screened July 9 at the IFC Center in New York.   

Among the works included in the film: "Space Mountain" by Dan Dietz; "Miss America" by Alena Smith (performed by Christy McIntosh); "Cake" by Bekah Brunsetter (performed by Jennifer Mudge); "Flatland" by Lauren Yee (performed by Johnny Wu); "Joan & Bootsie" by James Magruder (performed by Kristine Nielsen); and "Roosevelt Island" by Rajiv Joseph.

Click here to watch a trailer.

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