Baltimore Charm cancels final home game of season

The Legends Football League, perhaps better known by its descriptive former name, the Lingerie Football League, appears to have played its last game at the Baltimore Arena.

This Saturday's scheduled Baltimore Charm home game against the Atlanta Steam has been canceled, with both the Arena and the league agreeing the main culprit was low ticket sales. LFL officials, however, also took a swipe at the arena, where the team's home games have been played the past four seasons.

A statement emailed by Courtney Gifford, the league's marketing manager, blamed "the costly and in most cases unnecessary union fees as well as inflated arena rental fee, [that] makes it no longer an economically fair model for an event promoter or sports franchise."

Not fair, said Frank Remesch, the arena's general manager. He said he had tried to work out a lower rental fee for the league, but with crowds of barely 1,000 showing up for games at a venue that seats 14,000, it became clear the LFL and Baltimore Arena were not a good fit.

"There's a point in time where the deal doesn't work," Remesch said. "They want me to change the deal, and I'm already giving them a good deal … I can't lose money, just opening the doors."

The Charm, which has a 1-1 record this season, will play its final scheduled game away against the Omaha Heart on Aug. 9. Plans for next season have not been finalized, said Gifford, who declined to speculate on the team's future beyond August.

Remesch, however, said it was unlikely the team would return to his facility.

Fans who bought tickets to Saturday's game should return to the point of purchase for a refund, arena officials said.

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