Great Baltimore cocktails, the Painkiller at Woody's

With only a few rum bars available to choose from in this town, there are even fewer still that provide one of the more iconic selections known to man: the Painkiller.

Woody's Rum Bar and Island Grill, we thank you.

Thought to be an invention of the British Virgin Islands in the 1970s, a traditional Painkiller consists of one, two or more-dangerous three parts — denoted by No. 1, 2 and 3 — of Pusser's dark rum, coconut cream (ooh), orange juice (aaah) and pineapple juice (what?), all topped with a liberal sprinkling of nutmeg. Pusser's is considered one of the world's top 10 rums. For the record, it's named after a Royal Navy supply officer position known as the pusser, whose job it was (appropriately enough) to dispense rum rations and other sundries to sailors.

Pusser's has a heavy, sweet flavor that blends nearly perfectly with coconut cream. It's complemented thoroughly by the smooth and sweet pineapple juice with orange juice providing just a touch of zing.

Curiously, the nutmeg topper provides a bit of a vaguely cocoa note when swirled into the mix,

Whether you're in the mood to slowly enjoy a Painkiller or go "Sandy Bottoms" with it (another British Navy term meaning to drink it all quickly), the Painkiller is built for speed. Bartender Lilly St. Denis produced at least six of these things in the time I sampled one, noting that it "really tastes like a dessert, doesn't it? I'm surprised more places don't make them." (She made three Painkillers in the span of that sentence. Just kidding.)

The simplicity of the build makes it a cocktail built for volume, which is a good thing considering how tasty it is. I like mine with a little more chest hair, so I went with two parts Pusser's, with three parts seeming a little excessive. Then again, with Painkillers on special for $4.50 every Thursday, who am I to judge?

I'm just sad that the cocktail wasn't an homage to Judas Priest.

How to make the Painkiller (No. 2)

3 oz. Pusser's dark rum

1/2 oz. coconut cream

Splash orange juice

Pineapple juice


Combine dark rum, coconut cream and orange juice in a shaker; shake vigorously. Strain over ice, pour pineapple juice to top. Sprinkle with nutmeg spice blend.

Where to get the Painkiller

Woody's Rum Bar and Island Grill

821 S. Broadway, Fells Point


$10; $4.50 on Thursdays (No. 1)

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